Political Rants

Does Fox TV Hate America?

Since I don’t watch TV, I guess maybe I’m too easily shocked when I find out what kinds of crap people are watching. A recent New Yorker article about Fox’s 24 raises some very frightening questions about the psyche of the large segment of our population that devours this garbage.

24, for those as uninformed as I was, is a show about a fictitious counterterrorism unit, in which the “good guys” frequently use torture on the “bad guys”. Apparently the idea that good guys don’t torture people is no longer in vogue. And of course, since this is TV, the good guys always win. Torture works. It’s a great way to extract information from a terrorist when you have a “ticking time bomb” scenario.

Miscellaneous Musings

How Bout Them Chicks?

I normally don’t have much to say about the entertainment world, but I have to cheer for the Dixie Chicks and their Grammy Awards. It’s somewhat ironic that I first heard the news from Clear Channel’s Republican asshole DJs griping about it. Normally the Clear Channel team’s Limbaugh-like drivel makes me want to shoot my radio, but this morning their venom was pure sweetness to me.