Goodbye Joe

Good news from Connecticut. I know this is a day late, and the subject has already been beaten to death in countless blogs. But I just have to give a shoutout to the Democratic voters in Connecticut for dumping that asshole Joe Lieberman in their U.S Senate primary. For several years, I’ve used Lieberman as a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Democratic party. Finally people are starting to wake up.

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Clarification, please?

I was killing some time at work this afternoon reading some of the junk that had accumulated in my mailbox this week. There was an official looking envelope from the President’s Office with the official “Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct”. Pretty dry reading, but I figured if they sent it to me, they must want me to read it on their dime. Besides, I needed to avoid any real work, because the First Commandment of Computer Geekdom is “Thou shalt not break anything on a Friday afternoon.”

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