Geek Stuff

A Month Too Late

This picture shows the view from my office window, as seen by my crappy cellphone camera. Despite the picture’s (lack of) quality, you can see a pile of brush and sawdust which was a tree yesterday. Some readers may suspect me of being a closet tree-hugger and think I’m going to rant about the senseless slaughter of a tree in the prime of its life. Co-workers, who are well aware that my appreciation of nature leans more towards fauna than flora, asked me how much I bribed the chainsaw man to make the tree disappear.

Horse Play

Derby? What Derby?

This is the weekend when everbody makes a big deal about some piddly little 2-minute sprint, far less impressive than Kentucky’s most exciting equestrian event, which happened last weekend. I managed to avoid the hype, not even learning who won until I saw the newspaper Sunday morning. I didn’t manage to actually get on a horse on Derby Day, but Crossbo and I had a nice uneventful ride on Sunday, fulfilling my promise to myself to ride sometime this weekend. Not much to say about that, so I suppose this is mainly going to be a reference to the annual Rolex report.