Season Summary

Another hunt season has ended, and I’m still alive. According to my calendar, I hunted 35 times this season, 14 on Arthur and 21 on Crossbo. And I almost had one very good statistic, a big zero for total falls. I ruined that streak yesterday, the last day of the season. I don’t think I’ve ever had a perfect season, and I came so close this time. The worst part about it was that I was riding Crossbo, so I ruined his perfect record too.

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UPDATE — They’re open!

It’s that time of year when signs of coming goodness are beginning to appear. Birds are singing. Flowers are budding. Foals are frolicking. Grass is greening. As I’ve mentioned before, my official indicator of spring is my first glimpse of a bare navel walking across campus, and I saw that last week. This year, Spring brings us yet another anticipated joy, as a recent comment on an old story reminded me.

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Check out my new wheels

Today brought some ups and downs and interesting quirks. It started out great. Crossbo’s mystery lameness disappeared yesterday and he was feeling sassy today. I decided to play it safe and give him some more time off, but that was no problem because Arthur was also feeling in his prime. With a 2:00 PM hunt, I had lots of time to relax and prepare without rushing. I should have known Murphy’s law would have to kick in sometime.

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New Look

You may have noticed that things look a little different here. We have a new and improved, or at least new, look. To take care of a few little bugs, I upgraded to the newest release of the Geeklog software that drives this site. I was too lazy to make all the changes necessary to make my old theme continue to work with the new release, so I switched to the default “Professional” theme supplied with the software. I might make a few minor adjustments in the near future, but unless there’s a major backlash from faithful readers (see the poll), this is probably our new look.

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