Single Fault Tolerance

I think Crossbo’s beloved Aunt Julie jinxed him this week. After passing along the information that we had a hunt today to make up for Wednesday’s weather cancellation, she asked if “her boy” was shod. I somewhat indignantly replied that of course, he was. Brian had been here just a few days earlier to replace Arthur’s missing shoe, and he tightened one of Crossbo’s and checked all the others, and all systems were set for launch. This morning, I walked out in the pasture to catch the big clown, looked at his hind feet, and said “You sonuvabitch!” Somehow he’d managed to lose a hind shoe.

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Quote of the week

The latest security flaw in Windows has stirred up some controversy among security experts about whether an unofficial patch should be installed to prevent exploitation. One self-proclaimed expert said, apparently with a straight face, “It’s certainly not a good recommendation, in our opinion, to all of a sudden start recommending code of this nature. At the very least, it has not undergone the quality scrutiny and testing that Microsoft’s patch will have.” If Microsoft had half a clue about quality scrutiny and testing, they wouldn’t be shipping crappy code that turned their customers’ computers into hacker playgrounds in the first place.

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