Spammers Suck

Once again, this site has been the victim of scumsucking spammers. If these guys weren’t so loathsome, I would admire their tenacity and creativity. It really is amazing to see how much brains and brute force they devote to their misguided mission. But unfortunately, the net pollution they cause eliminates any admiration for them. For geeks like me, the game can actually be fun to a point, as it keeps us on our toes. But eventually it becomes not worth the trouble.

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The Joys of Fall

I keep saying that, as I get older, I get less tolerant of extreme weather, and now the only months that I’m happy are April and September. Right now, the end of August is beginning to feel a lot like September, which I suppose is fair since June was more like August. With the return of sunny days, mild temperatures, and scantily clad students, it’s hard to say whether it’s more pleasant to be on a college campus, or on the back of a horse this time of year. Since I can’t combine the two like the Lexington Mounted Police like to do this time of year, I’ve just had to settle for splitting my time.

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Gadget Review – Griffin iPod RoadTrip

Unlike a lot of blogging techno-geeks, I don’t spend a lot of time writing about my latest gadgets, mainly because I don’t buy a lot of gadgets. I have gotten a little crazy about the cameras lately, but so far I haven’t had a lot to say about them other than a casual comment along with some of the pictures. About the only other gadget that has seduced me (and possibly broken my heart) recently is the iPod RoadTrip adapter from Griffin Technology.

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AYMF, Googling Julia, and Cornholing

Despite the cryptic title, this post is hardly provocative, and probably borders on boring to all except those involved (and maybe even them). Saturday I made a quick trip up to Dayton to reunite with some of the AYMF Club at the annual Sommerfest. I stuck the Fuji in my pocket in case there were any photo opportunities that should not go unrecorded. While I was playing with it, Mike’s daughter Julia mentioned that she had googled her name and discovered that Julia Sommers is a transsexual in Australia. Based on past experience with the way Google crawls this site, I’m sticking my neck out and betting it doesn’t take long to convince Google that there is another Julia Sommers, although I’m not sure I can get this into the top 10 of the 300-400 Google hits on that name.

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