It’s Saturday night, do you know where your horses are?

As I passed a branch of one of the big Arab thoroughbred conglomerates (Arab referring to owners, not horses) on my way to my parents’ house tonight, I noticed something that didn’t look quite right. There was a big horse on one side of a double fence, and a little horse on the other side, looking like he wanted to be over on the side with the big horse. At first, I thought it might be a mare and foal. I figured out that wasn’t the case, and I wasn’t sure if the little horse really belonged over with the big horse. But it didn’t take much horse sense to figure out that, wherever he belonged, it definitely wasn’t where he was, with nothing between him and the road.

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Crossbo meets the Bitch Pack .. barely

Today was Crossbo’s first social outing. Our hunt was having a trail ride, and his foot has healed enough to ride, so I decided it was time for him to make his debut. The foot injury had prevented me from doing as much riding around home as I would have preferred before venturing out in public, but Arthur was missing a shoe so taking him wasn’t an option. So Crossbo got to meet the Bitch Pack .. barely.

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Bush Puts the "ASS" in "Dissemble"

There’s been a lot of chuckling recently about Dubya’s most recent trip of the tongue. Reports such as this Chicago Tribune story highlight his pathetic attempt to show off a new word when dismissing Amnesty International reports of our abuse of prisoners. Bush described the prisoners who complained about being tortured as “people that had been trained in some instances to disassemble–that means not tell the truth.” Lots of people are chuckling at his seeming so proud of his new vocabulary as he mangles it, but I think people are missing the irony in his choice of words.

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