Spring Ahead

As we approach daylight-savings (aka sleep-depriving) weekend, spring has arrived. I know the calendar says it’s been here for about ten days, and the blooming jonquils have been proclaiming it’s spring for even longer. But, from my perspective, spring arrived Tuesday. On a college campus, the harbinger of spring is the first visible navel, and I saw the season’s first belly button on Tuesday, so spring is here.

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Pick a day, any day

Have I ever mentioned that I love my horse? I woke up Saturday morning feeling like crap, which was hardly fair since I only had four beers Friday night. I had the usual Saturday morning discussion with myself about whether I wanted to drag my ass out of bed, with the Hell No faction presenting an even stronger than usual position. With the typical end-of-the-season frenzy, hunts were scheduled for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So there was no strong incentive to get up today; there were plenty of other opportunities at a more civilized time in the afternoon.

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He Passed!!

As previously mentioned, Arthur’s mood was a strong indication that his liver malady had been only temporary, and today’s blood test was hopefully going to be just a confirmation. I did have some minor worries about what I would do if the test showed continued problems that weren’t evident in his behavior. Worries are over; results are in and he passed!!! Have I ever mentioned that I love my horse?

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