Super Sunday

Today was definitely a Super Sunday, although not for the reason that gets way too much attention in the media. It was one of those days that had me spontaneously yelling “I love my horse!”. I almost used that phrase for today’s title, but I’ve already used it once. Actually, I thought I’d also used Super Sunday at about this time in some previous year, but a search proved me wrong. So we’ll run with that one.

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Welfare Reform – German Style

There’s a lot of controversy, and some small areas of agreement, concerning government programs that provide financial assistance to those living in hardship (welfare, foodstamps, etc). One thing most people across the political spectrum would agree on is that, whenever possible, it’s better to get people off of welfare rolls and onto a payroll. But there’s not always universal agreement about what kind of assistance should be provided to make it more feasible for people to work (child care, training, etc.). There is also some disagreement about what kinds of jobs people can be required to take. This may be carried to an extreme in Germany, where women may find themselves screwed out of unemployment benefits – literally:

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