Tasers = Torture?

After watching what I thought was an unnecessary use of Tasers by Lexington police last week, I became mildly obssessed. I’ve been on an extended surfing excursion, looking for information, and there’s a lot of it out there. And a lot of it should be cause for concern. Like any other weapon carried by law enforcement officers, Tasers should be used only when necessary, and unfortunately there are times when the use of force is necessary. But Tasers seem to present an unusual temptation for abuse, unlike other weapons.

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Abu Ghraib comes to Lexington?

Bush’s second term isn’t even a day old, and already US citizens are being treated as enemy combatants. Today started out peacefully, participating in the local chapter of the Drums for Peace ceremony to coincide with the swearing-in. Less than six hours later, I was watching Lexington police officers Taser a fifteen-year-old kid as he lay handcuffed on the ground. Why? Apparently just because they could.

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Hey Dubya, We got your WMDs right here!

This week’s news brings an ironic combination of events. First we get reports that the US search for weapons of mass destruction is officially over with no WMDs found, long after it became obvious to everyone except Fox News fans that the WMD threat was just another big Bush lie. Then we get reports that a well-known supply of WMDs (sarin, VX, and mustard gas), much closer to home (less than 50 miles from me) is going to be around for quite a while longer, thanks again to Bush.

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What’s a mainframe?

I haven’t indulged in much technobabble here recently, so I guess today is as good a time as any for a good geek rant, since I scored another casualty in my long-running personal crusade to banish meaningless buzzwords from the vocabulary of morons. People who work with me have learned to humor me, with some occasional eye-rolling when they slip up and I attack them. Marketing sleazoids usually don’t fare so well, as one hapless Computer Associates wench learned today.

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A Glimmer of Hope?

UPDATE — They’re open!

Maybe all is not lost. I recently reported the sad news about Spalding’s sudden and unexpected closing, along with the grapevine rumor that it was permanent. Finally, the local news media got off their butts and shed some light on the story. It’s disgraceful that it took them over a month to report on an issue of such vital interest to citizens, but at least their belated report left some small glimmer of hope.

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