It’s Hard Work

Many of the critics of the recent presidential debates couldn’t resist the opportunity to roast Bush for repeatedly whining “It’s hard work”. Now it turns out his critics may have been too harsh. It really is hard work. A Wired article reports on a Temple University study that the brain works harder when lying than when telling the truth. Considering Bush’s obviously limited mental capacity to start with, and the number of his lies, it seems that it really is hard work.

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The Quick and the Dead

For a while this weekend, it was beginning to look like I’d really made the wrong decision on the weather. Thursday’s hunt was cancelled because of all the rain earlier in the week. I opted to skip Saturday because of the threat of more rain, and keep my fingers crossed for Sunday. When the rain held off until way past hunting time on Saturday, and then came down hard that night, it began to look like I’d pissed away my only chance. But Sunday morning, things weren’t as wet as expected, and the chase was on, and what a chase it was.

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I may be a technophobe

I got to test-drive my brother and sister-in-law’s new Prius today. (It’s probably more hers than his, since most of his drive time is in a more macho Dodge Cummins 2500). They finally got it a couple of weeks ago after about a 6-month wait. The technology is intriguing. There’s a lot of interesting engineering under the covers; it’s not just as simple as bolting two different engines together. As a driving experience, it’s, well, it’s different. It takes some getting used to.

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No Sprinkles, Just Germs

The showers that had earlier been predicted for today never materialized, and the day dawned cloudy but dry. It might have even been called dismal or dreary by someone less enlightened, but it looked like a perfect hunting day to me. One minor problem was that I felt like crap, and I was reasonably sure it had nothing to do with 3 beers and most of a bottle of wine at dinner the night before. This involved hacking and sneezing, which are not typical hangover symptoms. But, having promised several Bitch Pack members that I would be out today, my honor was in serious peril if I wimped out. Besides, I couldn’t think of any better therapy than being out on a horse with a bunch of friends

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Bourbon with Sprinkles

I don’t even like sprinkles on ice cream, so when this afternoon’s weather forecast predicted a chance of “afternoon sprinkles”, I considered working instead of playing today. But a glance at this weekend’s forecast, which looks even worse, combined with some gentle arm twisting from the Bitch Pack, convinced me this was not a day to be spent indoors. That turned out to be a wise decision, because if I had worked today, I would have been kicking myself mid-afternoon for making the wrong choice. Besides, I had a new toy to play with.

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The Season Returns

It’s Wednesday, and the leaves are all falling off of the trees, so it’s time to slip back into my comfortable routine. Actually, it’s past time. I missed West Wing’s season premiere a few weeks ago, and I’ve missed a couple of Wednesday hunts for various reasons. So, although the season of comfortable routine should have started a little earlier, today was the beginning. And it was a good day, except for one stupid blunder this morning which was quickly erased by the pleasures of the day.

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Wonderful Weekend

I’m getting old and predictable. Anytime I say I had a wonderful weekend, it probably means I spent some time on the back of a horse. And that was the case this weekend. Saturday was the Blessing of the Hounds, and I elected to skip it this year. I hope I haven’t invoked the wrath of St. Hubert. I think this is the first Blessing in over 25 years that I have missed voluntarily. There have been a few that I missed due to weather, injured horse, or other circumstances beyond my control, but this was the first time I decided it just wasn’t worth it.

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The Brits Get It, Why Don’t We?

I think this cover from Thursday’s edition of the London Daily Mirror sums up the election results very well. I’ve seen plenty of claims that this election was stolen, but unlike 2000, I don’t believe it this time. It’s an undisputed fact that there were problems in some areas that resulted in incorrect vote counts. But I think those problems were honest technological failures, not deliberate fraud. The folks that are responsible for them should be strung up for failing their duty to give each citizen an opportunity to have his vote counted. But I don’t think the votes that didn’t get counted were numerous enough to have an impact on the presidential election, although some local races may be in question. I honestly believe, for whatever it’s worth, that in this election, more people voted for GW Bush than JF Kerry. Which leads to the question asked by the Mirror.

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Election Eve

It’s probably silly to write anything about polls tonight, because by the time most people read this, we’ll be learning how right or wrong the polls were. And as the race gets tighter, the polls from the battleground states become even more unpredictable. For example, last night I mentioned that my favorite Electoral Vote Prediction site was giving Ohio to Bush. Now it’s blue again. By tomorrow, it may switch again. And, with all the reports I’m already hearing about vote fraud and irregularities in Ohio, it may switch back and forth a few more times in the courts after tomorrow. But there are a couple of interesting tidbits to chew on tonight.

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