A Preview of the Future?

A story in The Register reports that Diebold automated teller machines at two financial instiutions were infected with the Nachi virus. The affected ATMs were new “advanced” ones running Windows XP Embedded. As the ATM industry seems to be moving away from the old reliable OS/2 to the latest bugware from Micro$haft, we should probably expect to see more of this. And Diebold is also one of the the biggest players in the electronic voting machine industry (and their president has already promised to do everything he can to deliver the 2004 election to the Republicans).

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Hot Hunting

Just a brief horseplay report. After a couple of weeks of rained-out hunting, today looked like the best opportunity for a while. With today’s temperatures more like October than almost December, it was a little too warm, but the prediction for tomorrow was even worse, with a temperature of 70 or above, so this morning made more sense than tomorrow afternoon. It was fun, we had a nice run, I stayed in the saddle, Arthur jumped everything he was supposed to. It was a little abbreviated, as I decided to quit early to avoid overheating Arthur (no point in killing a horse at the beginning of the season), but it was just what he and I needed.

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Spam Rage

I can sympathize with this guy. A Wired article reports that a Californian has been arrested, and faces a maximum of five years in jail and a $250,000 fine, for threatening spammers. Maybe he overreacted a little bit, but the spam problem has gotten so bad that it might be tough to find a jury that would convict him. It’s ironic that this story was reported the same weekend that Congress finally passed anti-spam legislation.

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Wow! I’m finally trendy!

Thanks to Tara for passing along a letter she recently spotted in the Washington Post indicating that, without even realizing it, I’ve joined the latest trend sweeping the Beltway. In the letter, Michele Dyson says “the surprise gold-medal winner, the most talked-about topic in the circles in which I travel, has been the comic strip ‘The Boondocks,’ specifically Aaron McGruder’s series about national security adviser Condoleezza Rice”, a subject which I mentioned here recently. I’m not sure whether to be proud to be hip to such a trend, or to suggest that maybe Michele Dyson and her circles need to get a life, if that’s their “gold-medal” topic. Well, I guess she’s less pathetic than those who prattle ad nauseam about the latest “reality” shows. Although I found the strip amusing, it didn’t raise much of a stir in my “circles”.

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Perfect Match?

In a recent forum, my favorite presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, jokingly discussed his marital status (or lack thereof) and his Fantasy First Lady: “a dynamic, out-spoken woman who was fearless in her desire for peace in the world and for universal single-payer health care and a full employment economy.” In an attempt to prevent the White House from becoming a shabby bachelor pad, PoliticsNH.com and LiberalHearts.com have teamed up to sponsor a competition to find the next First Lady. I think I’ve found a winner.

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Extraordinary Rendition

Extraordinary rendition … can you guess what it is? It’s the CIA’s term for seizing a citizen of another country (e.g. Canada) as he is just passing through a US airport en route to his home, and deporting him to a country where he can be tortured (e.g. Syria, and aren’t they our enemy right now?) A Washington Post article describes the “extraordinary rendition” of Canadian citizen Maher Arar who was siezed in JFK airport and sent to Syria for 10 months of torture. And Paul Tremblay passed along a more complete account from Arar himself, an extraordinary rendition of his experiences.

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What was he thinking?

There’s been a disappointing lack of both creativity or stupidity among the campus criminal crowd this semester. In the past, when things got boring, I could usually rely on the campus newspaper’s weekly crime log for at least one entry that was either bizarre or amusingly stupid. This fall, it’s been mostly routine theft, intoxication, etc. But at last, something worth chuckling about; a story about an attempted rapist who tried to get into the back of a police cruiser to escape the students who were chasing him.

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