Blogging Blackout?

Some of you loyal email subscribers may have wondered why you haven’t received any mindless musings lately. Really loyal fans who faithfully checked the site in the absence of email may have noticed that folks who were relying on email were missing a little, but not much. I just haven’t had much to say lately, and what little I did write in the last couple of weeks didn’t get mailed out because of a technical glitch at my web host. (They upgraded their mail software and screwed up the config so some scripts didn’t work any more). I finally gave up trying to make them understand the problem, let alone fix it, and worked around it. So email is once again being sent out whenever I have anything to say (including a “catchup” message that should have included everything that was added during the outage), although I can’t guarantee my lack of creativity is going to improve soon.

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Update on Jesse’s Girl

As I was posting the previous musings, I noticed that my last entry was about Stevie D’s trip to Bonneville with Jesse’s Girl (and also noticed that it had been two weeks since I posted anything … summer doldrums). So I thought maybe an update would be in order. A newspaper article reports that Stevie and the girl didn’t quite make their 207 mph goal, topping out at around 190. He blamed it on a bumpy track keeping the front wheels off the ground. I guess I need to make an appointment for an oil change to get the whole story, but I’m not counting on any free doughnuts.

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National Holiday?

Maybe it should be. Today is both Shania Twain‘s and Lee Ann Rimes‘s birthday. (Shania is 38 and Lee Ann is now an officially legal 21). Some might dispute Shania’s claim to being a national treasure since she’s Canadian by birth and lives in Switzerland, but I’ll still happily worship her. Lee Ann’s 21st just makes me realize how much faster time is passing now, as I wonder if it’s really been seven years since she hit the charts with “How Do I Live Without You”, and astounded the world with that strong full-throated voice coming from a 14-year-old. (Actually, I’m less impressed with her now that she’s competing with other singers her own age).

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Did I write that?

This afternoon, along with miscellaneous other junk in my mailbox, I found a little plastic box with tear-jerker pictures and the title “Three Journeys”. My first thought was that it was some kind of religious propaganda, but it turned out to be an advertising DVD from Lexus. Not having a DVD player at home, I don’t yet know what’s on it; that treat will have to wait until a return to work. I suppose Lexus doesn’t think anybody who doesn’t have a DVD player is a potential purchaser of their automobiles, and they’re probably right. So how did such a demographic anomaly get on their mailing list? I had a suspicion, and when I saw the address, I knew I was right.

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Jesse’s Girl

On the way home today, I noticed my odometer indicating that it’s about time for an oil change. I made a mental note to call my mechanic and schedule an appointment. Then I got home and settled down with my newspaper, and realized I’ll probably have to wait a while for that oil change. It looks like Steve is going to be preoccupied for a little while. He has a hot date in Bonneville with Jesse’s Girl.

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