Hang ’em, Dubya!!

Things just keep getting crazier in the White House’s attempt to whitewash their lies to the American public to wrongfully justify the shedding of American blood. Former Ambassador Joe Wilson has revealed that he travelled to Niger, at the request of the CIA, to investigate the Niger uranium story and reported back that it was false. The White House’s response to this is to try to smear Wilson by leaking classified information. As reported by CBS News (and other media), columnist Robert Novak reported that Wilson’s wife was a clandestine CIA operative. Novak says his sources were “two senior administration officials”. Some journalists (e.g. Paul Krugman) have begun to discuss the fact that, if Novak is truthful about his sources, someone in the White House is leaking classified information for political purposes. I haven’t seen anyone (yet) suggest the ultimate conclusion. Exposing the identity of a covert operative is an act of treason. The United States is currently at war (which the Bush administration uses as an excuse for all sorts of violations of Constitutional and international law). The penalty for treason in wartime is death. Someone in the White House has committed a death penalty offense. Considering Dubya’s record for executions as governor of Texas, why is he letting this one slide?

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Summertime Blahs

We’ve been suffering through typical Kentucky July weather, hot and humid with just enough thunderstorms to curtail outdoor activity, but not enough to keep things from drying out. The ground is so hard that horses don’t seem to keep shoes on for more than a couple of weeks, and it’s hardly worth tracking down the farrier to keep them shod, because it’s too stinking hot to ride anyway. But today we got a little bit of a break in the weather, no rain and it stayed below 80, so I decided it was time for a hack around the homeplace, in spite of the fact that Arthur only had one shoe (he had three when I talked to the farrier Sunday, but I told him we might as well wait a week or two, since I wasn’t going to do any serious riding anyway).

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Dubya: Idiot or Liar?

I know, he’s probably both. But I’m referring specifically to his recent statement that Saddam Hussein did not allow weapons inspectors into Iraq: “And we gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn’t let them in.” It was an attempt to brush off the controversy about his earlier misstatements that Iraq had been trying to buy uranium from Nigeria. But, unlike the statement in the State of the Union speech, which far surpassed any of Clinton’s masterpieces of careful phrasing to deliver a technically true lie, this latest one was so blatantly false that I wonder how he could expect anybody to believe it, unless he’s such a moron that he believes it himself. In any case, he certainly gave his new press secretary a challenge, as he had to try to spin this one his first day on the job.

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Super Woman?

I’ve been drafted to work at a horse trial next Saturday. I haven’t been told whether I’ll be helping with stadium jumping (which would be the Novice and Training divisions on Saturday), or cross-country (which would be Preliminary and Intermediate). I assume the folks who drafted me wouldn’t make me watch dressage. Just out of curiosity, I was browsing through the entries, and saw that my favorite Olympian is riding five horses in Prelim or Intermediate. That’s five x-c rounds in one day; two less than an hour apart. How does she do that? Those wimpy O’Connors are only riding four each.

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Support our troops

I received the following information from Move On, with a request to pass it on

Rep. Henry Waxman has introduced legislation to create an independent
commission to investigate the Bush administration’s distortion of
evidence. Please ask your Representative to pledge his or her support


A President may make no more important decision than whether or not to
take a country to war. If Bush and his officials deceived the American
public to create support for the Iraq war, they need to be held

All I have to add is that I think we owe it to our troops to support this investigation into possible presidential deception about a war that cost the lives of American troops. Failure to hold a president accountable for this, after impeaching a former president for much lesser sins, would send a message to the troops that we care less about their lives than about where Clinton hid his cigar.

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Film Sucks

Or maybe cheap cameras and klutzy photographers are just a bad combination. As I mentioned earlier, I hoped to be able to present a dazzling photodocumentary of a recent AYMF Club canoe outing on the Little Miami River. Since I didn’t want to risk dunking my Nikon 5700, or even my Canon Rebel, and I haven’t figured out a way to get pictures from my cheap little digital camera without a Windows system, I took a cheap little 35mm. The lack of a decent lens was only the first of my problems; when I got home, I had trouble rewinding and unloading the film (couldn’t have been the beer), which resulted in a lot of washed out and streaky pictures. I would have thrown the whole batch away, but I couldn’t bear to let the 25th anniversary AYMF Canoe Outing go totally undocumented, so I’ll use some of the least ruined ones to illustrate the narration. (I would say none of these pictures are worth a thousand words, but some might question whether my words are worth anything either).

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Reach Out and Touch

A Wired article reports that researchers at the University at Buffalo have reported their development of a system that could allow the sense of touch to be transmitted across the ‘net. The article mentions several possible practical applications of the technology. I just couldn’t help but be reminded of Dennis Miller’s quote from several years ago: “If some unemployed punk in New Jersey, can get a cassette to make love to Elle McPherson for $19.95, this virtual reality stuff is going to make crack look like Sanka.” (Only $19.95? I’ll take two!!)

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I See No Weapons of Mass Destruction Here

Richard clued me in to another amusing Google anomaly. Searching for weapons of mass destruction and following the top link (or using the Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” button to bypass the results list and go directly to the top site) has an amusing result. Since these Google encounters are sometimes only temporary as rankings change, here’s a direct link to the page in case something else has worked its way to the top of the Google hierarchy by the time you read this. This one has been at the top long enough to attract the attention of at least one news source

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