Political Primates

This amusing photo comparison has been circulating around the web for over two years. Now it appears that the similarities may be more than just cosmetic, according to a study by a psychology professor at UK. Arnold Ludwig, who has published his research in KING OF THE MOUNTAIN: The Nature of Political Leadership, finds that many powerful political leaders share many traits of alpha male primates.

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Golf is Good?

I never have understood why anybody with a sound mind and body would want to waste them playing golf. And watching it is even more incomprehensible. Even if you really want a sport with the excitement of watching grass grow, there’s dressage, which at least has the distraction of horses, and pretty women with strong thighs in tight breeches. So, as I’m counting down the hours until Rolex, the ultimate sports event in North America, I was surprised to receive email, from someone who I thought had better taste, explaining the virtues of golf.

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The Miracles of Duct Tape

OK, I haven’t written any geeky stuff for a while, so here’s one. I’ve mentioned before that we webnerds in need of a life amuse ourselves by perusing our server logs to see what people are looking for. The science of search engines is still far from perfect; blindly matching keywords can lead to some search hits that are doubtlessly disappointing to the searcher, and amusing to the webmaster whose site gets hit by a bizarre search. For example, tonight Google guided someone to my site in response to a search for duct tape erections. I’m not sure who’s more pathetic: me with nothing better to do on a Friday night than scan server logs, or someone who might have something better to do but needs duct tape to accomplish it. But doesn’t it hurt when you take it off? And do you still need a condom? I don’t think I want to know.

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Five, Six, Pick up sticks

After a week of no news here, I still don’t have anything very interesting to write about. This weekend was largely spent sawing and burning dead branches left over from the ice storm so I could cut the grass. The only equine activity was putting Shadowfax’s grazing muzzle on, which he does not appreciate in the least. I swing back and forth between feeling sorry for him and getting so aggravated that I’m tempted to leave it off and let him founder so I can put him down.

In the lack of any exciting recent news, I might as well report a highlight of last weekend’s hunter pace that I forgot to mention. As I pulled in the gate at about 8:30 AM, very few other people were around. A couple of organizers were setting up the secretary’s table, and a couple of outriders were tacking up at their trailers. As I passed the trailers, I saw a fox at the edge of the driveway, a big, long-legged one that almost didn’t look real. As my befuddled brain tried to process what I was seeing, I thought it might be a fake or stuffed one someone had put out for decoration. But it was real, and just strolling along, oblivious to the surrounding human activity.

I jumped out of my car and started yelling “Tally Ho!” and pointing. The outriders just looked over and waved, not thinking my behavior was unusual at all. Finally they noticed the fox, who was not disturbed at all by the crazy shouting human. He just kept ambling along, and wandered into a nearby barn. I guess he knew hunt season was over.

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Just another ho-hum routine Sunday

With hunt season over, I’m an easy target for event organizers that are constantly drafting “volunteers” to perform all the mundane but necessary chores involved in staging a successful event. Today, I was arm-twisted into timing for a hunter pace. I was even offered the opportunity to ride early before I commenced my labor if I wanted to. That was a tempting option, especially since my farrier would be there to replace Arthur’s missing right front shoe. But my fraternal riding buddy didn’t seem interested, and with ominous chances of rain in the forecast, I decided against trying to try to find somebody else willing to ride with me that wouldn’t be pissed if I wimped out at the last minute. So I went for the all work, no play option.

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April Fool\’s Day Etiquette?

A (former?) friend and I recently had a disagreement about the rules for another of my favorite spring traditions, April Fool’s Day. I always believed that that the game included a certain level of sportsmanship and fair play. The point, in my opinion, was to test the alertness or gullibility of the victim, and that the fooler should graciously admit defeat if the victim called “April Fool”. My antagonist shared no such sense of sportsmanship, and thought it was kosher to continue to insist on the deception after being “caught”. To me, it doesn’t seem fair to claim that you have fooled the victim by continuing to lie after he guessed the plot. That’s just taking unfair advantage in his trust in you to play fairly. Am I just a wuss who was raised on sissy games where the losers honorably admitted their losses, instead of more violent games where you didn’t lose as long as you were able to keep playing dirty?

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