A Brr-brrr-blustery spring day

With the temperature around 40, today’s weather was much more appropriate for hunting than the last two times I went out. It would have been even nicer without the 15 mph winds, but with the end of the season in sight, any day without rain is a good day. When bro called about 11 PM last night and said “Let’s hunt!”, I had already decided I was going with or without him, but I was certainly glad to have his company once again. It’s always nice to know that, regardless of what happens or who else shows up, there will be at least one other person to share flasks and warped humor with.

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Back in the Wednesday Groove

Just finished watching West Wing, which I’ve missed the last few weeks. I was beginning to be afraid the network was pulling it because they were afraid it might cause people to think, which is undesirable in times of war. But it was back tonight. And while blogging about a TV show might seem like the epitome of couch-potato geekiness, I can get away with it, because I also got back into my other Wednesday routine today, foxhunting, after missing it too much recently. After four hours in the saddle this afternoon, I think I’ve earned some sedentary time.

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They call it PA-Trolling

Earlier this week, I mentioned some of the pleasant signs that spring is returning to campus. As certainly as spring flowers attract bees, today I noticed another predictable spring occurrence. As I walked out of the Student Center after lunch, I spotted two (male) members of the Lexington Fayette-County Mounted Police just standing on the lawn. Although UK has its own police force and the Lexington officers have no real need for a presence on campus, it’s not unusual to see them in warm weather when the students’ attire becomes more abbreviated. These guys are no fools; they realize the chick-magnet potential of a couple of guys in uniform on horseback on a college campus. As their campus “duty” seems to consist mainly of hanging around letting cute women hug their horses, are they patrolling, or just trolling?

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Spring Fever

As I say about this time every year, the only problem with looking forward to spring is that it means the end of hunt season. That’s especially true this year, when so much of the season was lost to weather, and other complications kept me out of the saddle on days when I should have been hunting. Finally, today, with two weeks left in the season, the weather was almost perfect (just a little too warm), and nothing else got in the way.

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Now I understand … NOT

A local peace and justice activist passed along a couple of sadly humorous items which I thought were worth noting here because, although not original, they seem to be fairly obscure and well worth reading. I managed to find both of them on the web, so I’ll just provide links. The first, by an unknown author, is a dialog betweem a warmonger explaining the Iraq invasion and a befuddled peacenik who just doesn’t get it. The second is Peter Freundlich’s recent NPR commentary in a similar vein. Thanks, Richard!

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