Keep the Music Alive

This afternoon, I made a small, unexpected but voluntary contribution to the Lexington street music scene. But the skeptic in me keeps wondering whether I was scammed socially engineered out of the price of a set of guitar strings, or whether I somehow luckily but unknowingly escaped from a more complicated, expensive con, or whether a somewhat unusual transaction was really no more than it appeared to be.

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Menagerie Musings

After several years of my four-legged population being fairly stable (no pun intended), the last couple of years have seen some turnover, some of which has been noted here and some hasn’t. In the past 20 months, I’ve lost 3 dogs, acquired 3 dogs, and lost one horse. Since I’m killing time updating the blog today, I might as well fill in all the details.

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Miscellaneous Update

This blog is still being sorely neglected, with only 2 entries so far this year. Since it’s a rainy weekend, curtailing outdoor activities, I’m faced with the choice of cleaning house, watching inane Derby blather on TV (if my TV even still works, I haven’t turned it on for months), or updating my blog. Housecleaning is probably the most sorely needed, but it’s almost as distasteful as Derby idiocy, so here I am. Some of the updates probably deserve spinning off into separate articles, so today might see the article count for 2010 double.

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Snow Woes

Although Central Kentucky’s recent bout of winter weather was somewhat puny compared to the DC area’s recent Snowmageddon, it was not completely uneventful. And since I’ve had another extended spell of blogger’s block, I might as well break the silence with an account of some of the minor adventures created by the snowfall.

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RIP Shadowfax – 1986 – Jan 6, 2010


Today I said Goodbye to Shadowfax after a 22-year relationship full of amusement and frustration. I often said that he didn’t cost me an arm and leg, just a knee. He was an interesting horse, who probably had the potential to achieve much more than he did if he had better human handling. He was smart (sometimes too smart), athletic, and unlike many thoroughbreds, he had tough feet and was an easy keeper (unfortunately too easy, which contributed to his demise).

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